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Lymphatic / Lymphatic Drainage Services

We specialize in providing clients with the highest quality lymphatic massages. Please contact us for your specific needs so that we can create a customized package based on how long you have been without lymphatic massage care. We have a list of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who we can recommend you to in case the need arises.

Lymphatic Massage Package-10 sessions ($600 and up)

Many benefits can result from lymphatic massage before and after surgery.  Lymphatic drainage promotes tissue regeneration therefore reducing the severity of scars. Treatment can begin as soon as 24 hrs after surgery, with approval of the doctor and as long as there are no complications. The most significant benefit of lymphatic drainage is to prevent or alleviate oedema or swelling.

Lymphatic Massage with Radio Frequency-10 sessions ($750 and up)

If your procedure was more then 3 weeks ago, you may need to add Radio Frequency to your lymphatic masssages in order to soften the tissue and allow for better drainage.  Single 50 min session $125 without Radio Frequency  $145 with Radio Frequency

Lipo/Tummy Tuck Scar Removal.   $650 and up